Key Features:

  • Superior fall protection
  • Contracture control
  • Provides rigid posterior fixation
  • Waist belt for suspension
  • High patient compliance
  • Washable fleece interior for natural warming
  • PDAC approved
  • HCPCS L5450

Use and Wear:

  • Custom fit for all limb lengths and limb girths
  • One-size fits all
  • An entirely latex-free product
  • Machine washable (see our Instructions for Use for washing instructions)
  • Each BKA Rigid Dressing Includes:
    • Once BKA Rigid Dressing
    • 2 distal end pads (to accommodate different limb lengths)
    • Extender for either proximal or distal flaps
    • Waist Belt
    • Scissors for trimming (creates a custom fit for all leg girths)

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