About Us

We are Dedicated to Creating Innovations in the Area of Limb Care and Protection

The Rooke Boot, is created and manufactured solely by Osborn Medical, a small medical manufacturing company dedicated to creating innovations in the area of limb care and protection. The Rooke Boot is a medical warming boot used in hospitals around the country for over 35 years. Osborn Medical has also branched out into products for patients with below-knee and above-knee amputations and is working on new product designs for the evolving wound-care market.

Osborn Medical was born in the halls of Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN in the mid 1980’s and manufactured many of its products in the Rochester area up until 2011 when the headquarters was moved to the Denver Metro Area in Colorado.  Much of the manufacturing is still done in-house and all products are assembled and distributed out of the Colorado location. 


Since Osborn Medical’s early beginnings at Mayo Clinic’s Vascular Medicine unit in 1986, directed by a young resident, Dr. Thom Rooke, to bring to a line of products with the same dedication to patient care that had been created decades earlier by the pioneers of Vascular Surgery.

Over the years we have taken that early dedication and continue to strive to offer hospital-bound patients that same level of care. Each day we continue to work on innovations in the area of limb care and protection to ensure we are striving to meet the needs of physicians and their patients.


Today we have four separate patent applications in-process, which will allow us to continually offer our caregivers choices of excellence in the area of Wound Care, Post-op Care, and Post Discharge Care to their patients. We take all feedback to heart and seek to ever improve our products to meet the high standards set forth by the medical industry, while keeping the patients comfort and compliance at the forefront of our designs.


  • Works directly with physicians, nurses, caregivers and patients themselves 
  • Sell directly to hospitals, VAMCs, Clinics, Nursing facilities, and O&P shops
  • Patients can shop directly through our website
  • Products are shipped out same-day for timely delivery across the country
  • Phones and emails are answered personally by our office staff here in Colorado

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