Rooke Vascular Boot® for Hospitals, Practices and Clinics

Surround And Insulate Your Patients’ Feet, Heels, And Calves To Protect Their Healing Limb

The Rooke Vascular Boot naturally warms the limb while providing complete offloading of the heel. This healing boot is built to provide redistribution of pressure along the calf to help treat and prevent lower-extremity skin breakdown. The synthetic lambswool is unique in the fact that it naturally warms the limb which studies indicate leads to an increase in circulation. Our Foot-Drop Protection Wings keeps the foot in a neutral upright position and our universal anti-rotation wedge  prevents external and internal rotation.

Indications For Use:

  • Patients on Vasopressors
  • ECMO
  • Heel Injuries
  • Foot Drop Prevention
  • CLTI
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Post-Op
  • Open/Endo Revascularization
  • Arterial Thrombolysis
  • Targeted Temperature Management
  • Post-BKA Contralateral Foot

Use and Wear:

  • Use breathable chux for weepy wounds and to help keep boots clean
  • Open toe box to cool off warm foot while still offloading the foot
  • Slits in toe box and one slit on the leg flap for SCD tubes
  • Washable – cold water temps only
  • Dry in lowest drier setting or air dry

Key Features:

  • Natural warming with synthetic fleece to promote regional distal perfusion
  • 100% offloading with complete floating of the heel & Comfort+ layer
  • Foot drop prevention with adjustable wings
  • External & Internal rotation prevention with anti-rotation wedge
  • Impact protection with padded toebox

Use and Wear:

  • One size fits most
  • Machine washable (see our Instructions for Use for washing instructions)
  • Each Boot Includes: 
    • One boot
    • One anti-rotation wedge
    • One pair of removable foot drop prevention wings

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