For Targeted Management and Vasopressed Patients 

The Rooke Vascular Warming Kit is an off-the-shelf solution that is packaged with two Rooke Vascular Boots, two Mitts and a beanie to provide natural warmth and protection to your patient’s extremities. 

Indications for Use:

  • Minimize the Shiver Response
  • Assist with Getting to Target Temperature
  • Natural Warming to Reduce Ischemic Complications
  • Heel Offloading
  • Foot Drop Prevention

Key Features:

  • Synthetic fleece for natural warming to reduce ischemic complications
  • 100% offloading of the heels
  • Foot drop prevention
  • One size fits most

Each Kit Includes: 

  • Two vascular boots
  • Two vascular mitts
  • One fleece beanie
  • Two anti-rotation wedges